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College Life

Life at TSSC

A vast range of cultural, educational, athletic and social activities are available to TSSC students. Getting involved in campus life is the quickest way to become a part of the College community, and to create one's own Punjabian experience. Campus life activities are built around the concepts of encouraging each student community member to express their own talents and to respect all members of our campus community.

Traditional Yet Distinctive

One of the College's most distinctive characteristics is its state-of-the-art laboratories for both engineering and medical disciplines. Classrooms are air conditioned, and backup electricity is provided to ensure a comfortable learning experience. The IT infrastructure is detailed, from digitization, such as the effective use of tablets in the classroom, to providing the latest hardware and software on varied platforms for aid in educational undertakings.

The libraries are well stocked with the latest editions of books, journals, and other academic and non-academic periodicals. The sports complex is attuned to the extra-curricular needs of our students. The dramatics society works actively to engage students in confidence building activities, all the while providing a much needed break from the classroom. Moreover, the Debating club offers students the chance to express themselves on a grander scale and share constructive opinions amongst their peers and seniors.

Making Most of Your Journey to Success

We at TSSC understand that every student is unique, however, each have certain requirements that must be met in order to streamline and smooth their stay with us. Among other initiatives to support this end, transportation is provided to every student who requests it, the cafeteria menu is tailored for varied tastes, and senior faculty and staff have an open-door policy to discuss making their transitional experience in the student�s life smoother and more structured.

Events, such as the Welcome, Farewell, concerts, and excursion trips provide our students with structured exposure to the world around them, as well as everything their institute has to offer them. The Sports Day and various Cultural Festivals enable students to participate in competitive games and activities, involving them in a holistic lifestyle.

These and other experiences are central to TSSC's educational program, and are designed to offer students a supportive and enriching environment full of opportunities for academic, personal and professional growth.

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